Azure Buy Africa domain for $1.00

Azure, the leading provider of cloud services in the world, is launching an online marketplace where anyone can buy the domain

Azure is launching the Azure buy Africa domain to bring its vast cloud computing capabilities to the continent.

The domain is owned by Microsoft’s cloud platform, Azure, and will be offered for $15 per year.

Azur is also offering a similar offer to the African market where a $10,000 offer will be available for purchase.

Azures cloud computing services are available in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Mozambique, Namibia, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozabia, Namibian and South Africa.

The purchase price is $1,500.

Azury is also adding more services to Africa, including its cloud storage services, where a cloud account is required to store files.

The African market will also see the integration of Azure on-premises storage and access to Azure’s Cloud Functions.

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