The most common words you’ve heard to sell your domain

Buy a domain?

It’s not easy, but you can do it for less than you thought you would have to.

Here’s everything you need to know.


You can buy a domain for £4,000 2.

You need to pay a £50 registration fee 3.

The site owner is the seller 4.

You have to pay for domain registration, which costs £4 per year 5.

There’s a £100 commission for any repeat purchases 6.

If you want to register a new domain name, you can’t just pay the domain’s owner the full cost 7.

A domain name registration fee is £50 to £100 a year 8.

You’ll need to register your domain at least once before you can register a domain name 9.

If your domain name is registered, you’ll have to re-register it for a fee 10.

Domain registrars charge a fee to help cover their costs 11.

Domain registration costs £100 to £150 per year 12.

The domain registration fee starts at £50 and increases £50 per year 13.

You won’t pay for a domain registration for 5 years after you purchase it 14.

Domain owners have to be registered before you register their domain 15.

You must register your new domain before you are allowed to register the previous domain name 16.

You may be required to register other domain names before you use them 17.

Domain name registration fees vary between sites 18.

If a domain is registered but has been used by another person, the other person has to pay the registration fee 19.

Domain names can be registered without a fee 20.

If domain owners use their own names in their domain name they have to register them 21.

Domain owner names can only be registered by those who are themselves registered owners of the domain name 22.

You don’t have to use the same domain name as a different company 23.

If an online store or domain registrar sells a domain to you, they have an obligation to register it 24.

If someone else registers a domain in your name, that person also has to register that domain 25.

If there’s an international sale of a domain, the company you bought it from has to reregister the domain 26.

If the seller doesn’t pay the fee, you won’t be able to buy it 27.

You cannot register a name in multiple languages 28.

Domain prices can vary between UK and overseas 29.

The registrar must charge a $50 registration fees fee 30.

If buying a domain from an online retailer, they’ll need you to buy a £20 registration fee 31.

You’ve got to pay an additional £20 fee for every year of registration 32.

If it’s a UK domain, it has to be on the registrar’s website 33.

If its an international domain, you have to buy from a company in the UK 34.

If they sell a domain through an online auction site, you don’t get a fee if it’s on their website 35.

If registering a new name online, you must first sign up to the domain registration process 36.

If that’s a registered domain, there are extra fees you have have to incur 37.

If paying for a registration is a new problem for you, there’s a new option for you 38.

If selling your existing domain isn’t an option for some reason, you might have to wait until you’ve registered another domain name 39.

You’re not allowed to buy the same name in more than one country 40.

You get a £200 domain registration fees rebate from the registrariats 41.

You might be able buy a website domain name without having to register to a company 42.

The cost of registration can vary from a few hundred pounds to a few thousand pounds 43.

There are different types of domain names 44.

There is a £2,000 fee to register new domains in the EU, UK and Ireland 45.

There may be extra fees if you have an international registration 46.

There isn’t a minimum fee to buy your domain 47.

You do have to check your domain’s registration status before you buy it 48.

You could end up paying more than the cost of the registration 49.

You also have to include a credit to the registrant if the domain you’re buying from isn’t registered 50.

You pay £50 for domain name fees and the company paying for them 51.

If one of your domain names isn’t bought by a registrar, you’re not eligible for a rebate 52.

The only time you’re able to get a refund is if you register your name after you buy a new one 53.

The internet doesn’t offer an online option for domain names 54.

If another website sells your domain, they’re not responsible for the domain they’re selling 55.

The seller has to have the name registered on their site 56.

If this is a domain you bought from a third party, you will need to prove that you’ve bought the domain from the

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