Saudi Arabia’s ‘war on Yemen’ is a mistake

Saudi Arabia has been battling a “wars on Yemen” for years, and its latest attack in the country is a sign of the kingdom’s desperation.

The Saudi-led coalition, led by the US, is waging a war against the Houthis, who are the Iranian-allied rebels in Yemen.

The war is also being fought by an array of other regional powers including the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan and the United States.

While the coalition has claimed the war is aimed at removing the Houthi group, it is actually more of a proxy war.

The Houthis are an offshoot of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and the US-backed government in Sanaa.

They control most of the country, and the war has been brutal.

Since the Houthys launched their campaign in 2015, they have killed hundreds of people in an escalation of the war.

But they have also become increasingly popular with the population as the fighting in Yemen has continued.

The Saudi-backed coalition has been unable to dislodge the Houthises.

They have taken back a large part of the capital, Sanaa, and are now in control of the northern province of Hajjah.

In the capital of the province, Aden, a coalition-supported coalition is now in charge, and it is trying to take over a large area in the north.

The US-led warplanes have also been bombing the Houths, who have been forced to retreat in recent months.

The war on Yemen has been the most expensive foreign aid program ever, costing Saudi Arabia $1.6 trillion in 2015.

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