How Donald Trump’s campaign is buying domain names and buying them up to $50,000 per domain

The Donald Trump campaign is getting in on the domain name game, buying domain name names for a record $50 million in a bid to boost its brand.

The campaign announced the new domain buy Wednesday, but it didn’t disclose the amount or what it’s going to use it for.

Trump, the GOP nominee for president, has said he wants to boost the brand of his presidential bid.

Trump’s team will pay the domain registrar $25 million for the name registration rights to Trump’s brand, which includes trademarks, websites and other assets, according to the campaign.

The domain name sale is part of a broader strategy by Trump’s political organization to purchase domains to bolster its branding, said campaign manager Sam Clovis, who is running the effort.

Trump has previously sold the rights to his own brand to a private company for a reported $50 to $75 million.

That deal was finalized last year.

Clovas declined to say how much the domain was worth or what the price tag was for the purchase.

The Trump campaign will pay $25M for the registration rights. — POLITICO (@politico) July 26, 2020The domain name purchase comes a month after Trump announced he would be raising funds for his presidential campaign through a joint fundraising committee.

That fundraising effort is now being led by campaign chairman Steven Mnuchin and includes $1.6 million from the Trump Organization and $2 million from a donor who gave $1 million, The Washington Post reported.

The $1 billion total is more than double what Trump announced during his presidential announcement speech earlier this month.

The purchase of the domains comes as Trump is battling to hold onto the Republican nomination and a general election against Hillary Clinton.

In the last week, he’s gone after his Democratic opponent, saying the party is “stealing” the nomination from him.

Clinton has said she won’t concede the election until she gets a majority of delegates in Cleveland, which begins on June 7.

The Trump campaign has also spent millions on its own efforts to boost brand recognition and image.

The Donald J. Trump Foundation has donated nearly $2.3 million to nonprofits and social-justice groups over the last two years.

That amount includes $3 million for a group called Make America Great Again, which is working on “brand development and branding,” the foundation said in a statement.

The group is working to boost Trump’s image by encouraging people to tweet about Trump and to share his campaign message, according.

In January, the foundation donated $1,000 to a super PAC supporting Clinton to promote the 2016 election.

Trump said he planned to spend another $5 million on the group, which will be funded by the Trump Foundation.

In October, Trump donated $5.6 mln to a political action committee supporting Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan, who was the chairman of Trump’s presidential campaign.