Buy Ink domain,Buy Farm Domain: Buyer Says She Had No Idea Her Domain Was ‘Dangerous’

Buyer says she had no idea her domain was “dangerous” and it was on the verge of being purchased by a “horrible person” when she learned of it.

The buyer, who requested to remain anonymous, was browsing for a domain name at an online auction site when she found out that it was actually owned by the same company that sold her two-year-old baby, a puppy named “Mia.”

“I went to look at the auction page and it had the same domain name, so I was kind of like, ‘What?

That’s crazy,'” the woman said.

“I went back and checked the domain name on my computer, and it said it was a very good domain name.”

The woman, who had bought her baby from a shelter, said she initially thought it was just a “slightly-different” website.

But when she looked more closely, the seller told her that it appeared to be “a very dangerous domain,” according to the buyer, whom Fox News has agreed not to name.

After she contacted the seller and told her of the issue, the woman called the company and was assured that it would get her the domain back.

But after she called the seller again and told them the same thing, the company told her it was the wrong one, the buyer said.

The woman’s online purchasing experience was not unusual.

Many people use auction sites like to buy domain names for their businesses or websites.

But these types of domain names are typically not offered by well-known companies, and they often sell for a fraction of what they’re worth, or even less.

“If you are selling your business, or your domain name is not going to be sold for very high, I don’t think that it’s a good idea to sell it,” said Kevin Pfeiffer, the founder of, a company that sells domain names.

Pfeiffers advice is to look for a company with a reputable history, which will ensure the buyer gets what they paid for, not just the name.

The seller told Fox News that it took the seller a few days to get back to her, but she did not have any contact information on file.

The company told the woman that it contacted the buyer’s credit card company to get her account canceled, but it has not been able to contact the card company for several weeks.

“The company didn’t even contact the credit card companies,” the seller said.

“They did not even try to contact my credit card or my bank, they didn’t try to call my house, they did not try to talk to my kids,” the woman added.

“My phone was in the bathroom, my kids were in the kitchen, the dogs were in there,” she said.

And the seller had no way of contacting her other than through Facebook messages, she added.

Fox News has reached out to the seller, but has not heard back from her.

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