Microsoft unveils Windows 10 Insider Preview with a new version of Office

Microsoft has released a preview version of its Windows 10 IoT (Internet of Things) version of the Office suite, allowing users to create and share devices connected to the cloud, as well as use it to manage their data and collaborate with others on their personal projects.

The new preview version, dubbed the “Office 365 IoT Preview,” is the first major preview of the software that Microsoft is planning to ship to its enterprise customers starting in April.

The preview, which can be downloaded from the Windows Insider website, is designed for people who have a Windows 10 PC that is running Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Windows 10 Pro, or Windows 10 Creators Update.

Microsoft also recently rolled out its Office 365 IoT preview to businesses that had already signed up for the preview.

As we’ve written before, this preview is not meant to replace the official Office 365 Office 365 Pro Plus and the standalone Office 365 Enterprise subscription plans that customers who already have these plans can now get.

But it does offer a small number of new features, including: 1.

Office 365 will support the cloud-based “Pivotal” enterprise and cloud-hosted versions of Office 365.

“This is an important step to help businesses deliver more productivity on the cloud,” said Mike Massey, head of corporate development for Office.

“We are excited to be working with our partners to support our enterprise customers on cloud-enabled collaboration and workflows.”


Office apps can now sync across all devices connected through the IoT preview.

“Our goal with Office 365 is to create an all-in-one solution for everyone in the world, including businesses,” said Matt Smith, vice president of the Microsoft Cloud Platform team.

“With the new Office 365, Office 365 now includes all of the power of Office on a single device, and the new Pivotal app makes it even easier to work on your next project, collaborate with colleagues and collaborate on shared documents.”


A new version for Office 365 devices called Office 365 Connect will be coming in April, along with a free upgrade for existing Office 365 customers who have the Office 365 PRO and Office 365 Business plans.

“Office Connect will make it easy to connect your devices and collaborate across the world with one unified platform,” said Adam Moseley, vice President of Business Partnerships and Devices.

“By offering a unified experience for collaboration across all your devices, you’ll be able to build and deliver more applications to people all over the world.”


Microsoft is offering the Office for iPhone app for free in preview builds of Office.

The app is designed to simplify the process of setting up Office 365 and lets you manage your contacts, collaborate, and manage your calendars.


Microsoft has started rolling out a new “Pilot” version of Windows 10, called “Preview Preview” for enterprises.

This is the final version of a preview release of Windows that has a number of security updates in it, and will go live in April 2019.

This version of preview is the latest version of this version of Preview Preview that Microsoft released earlier this year.

The company says that preview releases are available for select Windows Insiders in select countries to allow developers to test the final features before deploying them to enterprises.

“The goal with Preview Preview is to provide you with a preview that will allow you to get your work done, get feedback from your customers, and get feedback about what you can add and get out of Preview,” Massey said.

“If you are ready to test out the new version, we strongly encourage you to go to the Preview Preview website and start using the preview right away.

We encourage you as a customer to get feedback and test it before you deploy it to your organization.

If you are a business, go ahead and try out the preview, too.

The more feedback we get from you, the more likely you are to adopt the new preview and the more secure the app will be.”

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