What if the CIA used the web to spy on the president?

By now, you probably know the story about the CIA’s infamous internet-hacking operation. 

The agency had been secretly operating in cyberspace since at least 2008, and it used this capability to monitor and collect intelligence on U.S. political figures. 

In 2009, a New York Times investigation found that, the CIA had used a new form of surveillance called “cyber-enabled operations” to conduct surveillance on foreign targets in order to gain access to their computers, and then remotely erase any information on those computers that the agency had collected in the past. 

For its part, the NSA had been quietly using similar techniques in cyber-espionage operations for decades. 

So why did the CIA and NSA continue to operate in cybergaming?

The answer, it turns out, was that they were too good.The NSA’s cyberwarriors were a highly specialized group, experts say, with a unique talent for penetrating the computer networks of foreign governments and individuals. 

“Cyberwarfare has been around for a long time,” said Christopher Soghoian, a senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), a Washington think tank. 

At its core, cybergamers are like spies, Soghaian said.

They can use cyber capabilities to steal and sell sensitive data to governments.

They are also very good at hacking and extracting data from computer systems.

“You can’t say the NSA is a cyberwarrior,” Soghiian said, “because they are not.” 

In the early days of the Cold War, cyberspying and cybergameillance were closely associated with the CIA.

In fact, the agency was so closely associated with cyberspy, it became the unofficial title of its most famous operational unit. 

To understand how the agency got to where it is today, you have to look back at the agency’s origins.

In 1947, CIA Director James Angleton tried to create a cyber war force that could defeat Soviet intelligence. 

But the agency didn’t have a strong cybersecurity program at the time, so Angleton created a team of analysts who would analyze the cyber threat.

The analysts worked for the CIA under a pseudonym and kept their work secret. 

Today, the cyberwarriors are known as the “Bureau of Cyber Intelligence.” 

But that wasn’t always the case. 

According to a former CIA official, during the 1950s and ’60s, the agency had a different cyberwarfare unit, which was known as Cyber Analysis and Analysis Support (CASA), which focused on cyberscyberattacks. 

CIA CASTA was tasked with analyzing cyberthreats that were “not intentionally designed to cause physical damage,” according to a CIA declassified history of the agency. 

This meant that the bureau could not only analyze the potential effects of cyberspace attacks, but also analyze their impact on foreign intelligence and national security, the official said.

The CIA’s CASD became increasingly interested in using cyberspeech to spy. 

As the Cold Wars continued to escalate and as the world became more cyber, in 1963, The CIA decided to expand its cyberwarfighting capacity, creating a new unit called Cyber Operations, which included a cyberoperations unit called Cyber Operations Research (CORS). 

In 1966, the CIA hired former CIA analyst and computer scientist George P. Tenet to head CORS. 

Tenet would later become the first Director of Central Intelligence. 

When Tenet was fired from CORS, a senior CIA officer asked Tenet if he could run it. 

One of Tenet’s first actions as director was to create Cyber Operations Research, a unit that would become known as Cyberspace Analysis & Operations Support. 

By the 1970s, Tenets decided that his unit was no longer focused on cybertanking and cyber warfare. 

Instead, he wanted to focus on “analyzing information that was sophisticated, sustained by high-quality analysts, which were trained to find information on a cyberman that is precisely the information we need to be able to understand the threat posed by that cybernet,” CIA spokesperson Julian Assange told USAToday. 

And so, CORS became a cyberwarroom, with analysts who were experts in analyzing cyberespionage and the impact of a foreign government on its electronic systems. 

These analysts were trained to analyze cyborg

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