Which of the big tech companies have the most domain names?

The big tech giants have long dominated the domain name industry.

But today, there are many other names in the game, and the domain names are starting to get less interesting.

Domain name prices have been climbing steadily for decades.

They have been rising at a faster pace in recent years.

And that trend is expected to continue.

The price of a domain name rose from $0.002 in 1998 to $0,999 in 2017, according to comScore.

That’s up from about $0 at the beginning of the year.

But that rise is slowing, as more companies use the same domain name.

ComScore said the rise in domain name prices is not a sign of the overall strength of the industry, and is not related to any trend.

It said the increase in price was primarily driven by consolidation.

That means that a domain that used to be a small name, like www.mycompany.com, has become a larger, more prestigious name.

The same goes for domain names for business.

The trend of consolidating domain names has happened over and over again in the past few years, ComScore said.

And that consolidation has driven up the price of domain names, too.

In fact, the price is up 8 percent since 2016.

That makes it the third highest in the history of comScore’s data.

Comscore also said the consolidation is not simply about domain name price, though.

It is also about how domain name names are used.

And while the trend is toward consolidation, domain name usage has been declining in the last few years.

Domain name usage peaked in 2011, but has since fallen off.

That decline is the result of more people using generic names such as www.yourcompany.org instead of a full-fledged company name.

That trend is also expected to remain the case.

ComPlus, a domain registration service, tracks the popularity of the domain domain names on its website.

Domain name prices are up by 8 percent over the past year.