What to watch for in a major domain name dispute

The news about a major sale of domain names in the last week may be getting too good to be true.

A few days ago, a new company bought one of the top 100 domains on the Web for $10 million.

The domain name domain-buying giant Shopify, which was founded by former eBay executive Michael Spillman, acquired the domain name name for the site that’s known as www.buynyc.com, The New York Times reports.

Spill, a former eBay CEO, took over the domain from his father, Paul, who founded the company in 1997.

According to The Times, Shopify is now a subsidiary of United Talent Agency, which also bought a domain name for www.

United-Talent-Agency.com for $9 million in 2012.

Shopify declined to comment.

However, the New York Post reported in May that the company had purchased the domain for $4.5 million.

In February, the company said it had acquired www.wagner.com to help with the marketing and communications efforts of its movie and television division.

The sale of the domain came as the company is working to raise money for a new online store.

It’s not clear whether the domain has the same marketing value as the domain bought by Shopify.

The purchase of the site comes at a time when the value of domains on Google is skyrocketing.

Last week, the site reported a $1 billion increase in revenue, with Google accounting for 80% of its traffic.

The top-selling domain on Google for the first three months of this year was www.apple.com.

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