Israel domain bought by CloudFlare

CloudFlares bought domain, and Reddit bought it for $500,000, it was reported by The New York Times.

The domain, purchased in February, had been registered with the Domain Authority of Israel.

It had the domain name, “omni” or “omnipresent” and was registered with Israel’s Domain Authority.

According to the Times, the domain was purchased on February 6 for $1,500, after which the domain owner was paid $1 million.

The Times noted that the domain could not have been registered by a person who was not Israeli, as Israel is not an EU member state, and the name was not registered with a foreign government agency.

“This was a domain that was registered in Israel, which means that its owner did not intend to use the domain for the sole purpose of selling it to a foreign entity,” an official at CloudFlARE told the Times.

CloudFlares has been among the most vocal advocates for Israel in the past year.

Last year, CloudFlashes chief executive, Ben White, said the country had been “messed up” by US President Donald Trump and “is going to be a disaster for Israel.”

The company, which sells free DNS services to companies, said that in the US, DNS is an issue of national sovereignty and should be left to the states and their governments.

“In this case, Cloudflares was not trying to sell the domain to anyone.

We were just doing business,” White said.”

Israel has no idea what it is talking about.

The US has a monopoly on the domain system, and its citizens have no right to control it.”

In June, White said Israel would not be a partner in any major deals with the US.

“We’re not part of any deals,” he said.

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