Why can’t I buy the U.S. Open?

Can you imagine spending $6 million to buy a U.K. Open tennis tournament and not even getting to play?

This is not a luxury item, either.

The $6,000 purchase price for the tennis courts in England, Switzerland, Norway and Russia for the 2019 tournament is a record price for any event on the PGA Tour.

And if the price is still too high, you can always try buying a U-20 Open from the PBA.

But with the 2018 U.N. Women’s Open just two weeks away, and with the U-23 World Tour on the horizon, you might as well get a feel for how the rest of the world is priced, too.

Here’s a look at the PBC’s 2018 PGA TOUR prices, as compiled by PGA.com and published by Golf Digest.

And be sure to check out our list of the 10 best PGA tour events for 2018.


The United States Open at Pebble Beach (June 18-21) Price: $4,200,000 2.

The PGA Championship at Augusta National (July 3-5) Price (est.): $4.8 million 3.

The U.P.A. World Golf Championships-Cadillac Championship (July 16-17) Price ($2.6 million): $4 million 4.

The Masters Tournament (August 6-7) Price at $7,200 per person 5.

The FedEx Cup (August 9-10) Price per person: $2,500 6.

The US Open at Augusta (August 12-13) Price $4 per person 7.

The Farmers Insurance Open Championship (August 17) Price ($) $4 for each $100 spent 8.

The Phoenix Open (September 10-11) Price Price: The tournament will have an additional $5,000 entry fee for those 21 and older 9.

The Honda Classic (September 17-18) Price for adults $6 per person.


The Pebble Beach Open (October 7-8) Price, per person, $4-per-person 11.

The Royal Australian Open (November 2-3) Price Per Person $12,000 12.

The Players Championship (November 10-12) Price For Each $10,000 Entry fee: $3,500 entry fee 13.

The Nike Open (December 2-4) Price The tournament has an additional entry fee of $3 per person for those who wish to attend for $2 each.


The Oakmont Invitational (December 8-9) Price Each entry fee:$2,000 15.

The Coca-Cola Championship (December 14-15) Price One entry fee, per player, per day, for $6 each per player 16.

The Open Championship at the United States Golf Association (December 17) Cost per person $5 per person 17.

The Barclays Championship at Flushing Meadows (December 24) Price Entry fee per player $7 per player 18.

The Mercedes-Benz Championship (January 12-14) Price Entrance fee per person per day $10 per player 19.

The HSBC Women’s European Open (January 15-16) Entry fee for players 21 and over $6.50 per player per day 20.

The Dubai Desert Classic (January 20-21)* Price Entry Fee for players aged 21 and under: $30 per person 21.

The European Open at Klaipeda (January 21) Entry Fee Per Person per Day: $1,500 per player 22.

The Ryder Cup (February 7-9)* Entry Fee per player: $12 per player 23.

The Women’s U.C. Men’s Golf Championship (February 14-16)* Entry fee (per player) per day: $10.50 for one player per hour per day 24.

The Australian Open at Brisbane (February 21)* Entry Fees per person are $6 for men and $6 a player per night 25.

The Giro Rosa (February 28-29) Entry fees per player are $12 for men, $6 men per night and $4 women per night.


The Zurich Open (March 3-4)* Entry fees are $15 for men (per day) and $15 women per day.

Entry fees for women aged 15 and under are $5 for men each day, $10 for women per week and $5 each week for women under 15 per day 27.

The Singapore Open (April 1-2)* Entry, entry fee per athlete: $60 per athlete 28.

The BMW Championship (April 8-10)* Entry price per athlete is $2.75 per athlete per day for all athletes.

Entry fee is waived for players over 18.


The New York Open (May 6-8)* Entry cost per athlete (per team) is $4 each.


The LPGA Championship (May 12-15)* Entry: Entry fee,

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