NFL Players Get Free Domain Name Sale from Big Name Domain Buyers

NFL players are getting a lot of free domain names thanks to big names registrars like Google, eBay, Yahoo and more. 

“It’s not like I’m paying for domain names but I have the money to pay for a domain,” said former Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy.

“The only thing you have to pay is the price.

You don’t have to have the name and you don’t need the domain name.

All you have is the URL.

And then you have the domain, the domain is yours.

I’m not making a profit.

The only thing I’m making is the money I make.” 

McCoy is the latest NFL player to benefit from a free domain name, following Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott who got a $20,000 domain name to his name for free. 

The free domain is part of an agreement between the NFL and Google that will allow players to share their NFL profile and social media profiles with the world. 

According to the NFL, the free domain was purchased on May 19 and will be used to promote league-wide player analytics and to promote player product. 

McCOY is one of the top players in the NFL who is not affiliated with the league. 

Other NFL players include: Dallas Cowboys running backs Ezekiel Elliott and DeMarco Murray, Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman, Oakland Raiders linebacker Khalil Mack and Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson. 

ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter reported the deal is expected to close in the first quarter of this year. 

In a previous blog post, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell explained that the goal of the deal was to provide free domain and IP addresses to players in order to promote the league’s “player analytics platform.” 

“The goal of this program is to allow players who are fans of the NFL to share the team’s analytics data with their friends, family, and fans around the world, without having to buy an individual domain or IP address,” Goodell said. 

A full list of all NFL players who have signed up for the program is below: Elliott, Murray, Sherman, Mack, Patterson, Peterson, Peterson and Peterson, among others. 

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