Azure bought domain for $1.6 billion

azure domain buy: The search giant bought a popular domain name for $9.6 million, raising the total value of the purchase to $1,6 billion.

The deal was announced Tuesday, the same day that Amazon announced that it would buy for $4.6 trillion, raising its market cap to $76 billion.

It’s the second-largest acquisition of a U.S. company in history, surpassing Google’s purchase of Motorola Mobility.

azure is the largest cloud platform provider and offers data and computing services, including data centers, storage and analytics, data analytics, cloud services, and cloud hosting.

azURE domain buy and Jet acquisition news: The deal represents the largest acquisition of an American company by a foreign entity in history.

The total value at the end of the deal will be $1 billion, which represents a 25 percent premium to the value of

azURES domain buy in 2016: azURE acquired, the web hosting service for large businesses, in 2014 for $3.1 billion.

azures domain buy last year: azure purchased, a popular search engine for businesses and government agencies, for $2.9 billion.

The transaction closed in March 2019.

azUR domain buy acquisition: azURES acquisition of Jet is the second of its kind by a U-S.

corporation after it acquired Jetnet in 2014.

azur was acquired by Oracle in 2017 for $25.7 billion.

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