Buy domain as domain for $10,000 on Wix

Buy domain, pay $10 a month for it, and then use it on WIX, the popular online marketplace.

It’s an idea that has been around for some time, but Wix’s new domain sale is a new twist on the market, as the service is trying to bring more revenue to its business model.

“We’re doing something really unique,” said Adam Vazquez, the company’s CEO.

Wix, founded in 2012 by former Apple cofounder Steve Jobs, is currently the world’s most popular domain-selling platform, but Vazowski believes that the service will soon be the world for other businesses to enter.

While most people know Wix for selling online music and video services, it’s also one of the most popular domains on the platform.

The company offers a $5 per month tier that allows users to register their domain and purchase it for $20 a month.

At the end of the month, the domain owner gets a $10 cash donation to the Wix Foundation, a charity dedicated to supporting young people with disabilities.

Once registered, the user can create a custom website and sell their domain, as well as pay a $20 registration fee.

For $20 per month, users can register and purchase Wix, which means that they can use the domain to promote a business or product, and also make a donation to a charity, for example, a disabled student who is looking for a domain name.

Users can also sell their Wix domain through a third party site, but they have to create a separate Wix account for the domain seller.

If a user signs up for Wix as a business, they will pay a monthly fee for their domain.

For every new domain they sell, they’ll get a $50 donation to charity.

As of April, Wix was able to accept over $100 million in payments through its platform.