‘Lionel Messi was one of the most impressive goalkeepers in the World Cup’

The Lionel Messi and Neymar era has been a banner year for the Brazilian.

The two have helped Brazil to an incredible 15 major trophies, and they will meet again in the 2018 World Cup, where the pair will face off against each other in a World Cup final.

However, there is still much to be said for a goalkeeper who has shown a knack of scoring a goal that has helped the country to its biggest domestic crown since 1992.

The Argentinean was named in FIFA’s top 10 goalkeepers, alongside Germany’s Robert Lewandowski and Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo.

The world’s best keeper was also the goalkeeper of the Copa América in Argentina, which he won in the 2015 tournament, and was voted FIFA’s player of the year in the same year.

“Lionelo Messi has done more for the national team than anyone in history,” the country’s president, Mauricio Macri, said in a statement on Thursday.

“He has changed the way we think about football and is a role model for all of us.” 

“I am very proud to call him my hero.

His goal against Germany was one that has been talked about for years.

He is one of a kind, a special person who can play a part in the history of Brazil and the World.””

Lions will have a great tournament and will play a very important part in Brazil’s destiny,” said FIFA President Gianni Infantino.

“Lionels goal is an inspiration to all Brazilians.”

“I’ve never been as happy to see Lionel Messi play as I am now,” Messi said on Wednesday after he had already scored two goals in the Brazil 1-0 win over Argentina.

“The Brazilians will never forget it.” 

The Argentinean has been called the best goalkeeper in the world, and the FIFA world goalkeeper of it all, by ESPN FC’s Rob Stone, and has won a host of awards for his work.

He has also won the Golden Boot award for the most goals scored in a calendar year.

He also has the best save percentage of any goalkeeper in World Cup history, at 92.3 percent. 

However, Messi’s team-mate, Neymar, is widely considered to be the most important player of his generation, and one of his greatest achievements in the past four years.

The pair have both won the Ballon d’Or and are the most expensive players to play for in football history. 

“He is one that is always in the forefront of everyone’s thoughts,” Messi told reporters on Thursday morning.

“I am really happy for him, for our team.

He will definitely be in the group.” 

As for how this year will go, Neymer has said that he will focus on getting his career back on track and Messi has admitted he is not a fan of Neymar’s style of play. 

This is an era where Messi and his team-mates are having a moment, and this will be the time to celebrate, Messi added. 

The two are expected to meet again for the first time in the tournament, in June.

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