‘Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens’ star ‘could have been a part of’ Disney’s future

If you’ve watched ‘Star War: Episode VIII’ or ‘Star Trek Into Darkness,’ you know that, from the moment the first trailer dropped, you know exactly what you’re in for.

And the latest news from Disney’s Lucasfilm reveals that it’s not just the characters who’ll be making their first appearances.

And now we know exactly who: Star Wars: The Last Jedi actor Adam Driver, who’s playing Finn, the last remaining human in the series.

Driver recently told The Daily Beast that he’d been told he’d be making an appearance in “Star Wars.”

“It’s pretty hard to predict what I’m going to be involved with.

I’ve never had a big role in any other movie, and I’m excited about being in that.

I’m really looking forward to it,” Driver said.

“StarWars: Episode 7 is coming out this month, so I’m pretty excited.”

Driver also spoke to the same publication about what the future holds for his character in “The Last Jedi,” and he says the story will go on.

“I think [Episode VII] is going to continue the saga that we’ve been going on, and there’s going to definitely be a story for me in Episode VII, which will be in the new movie.

And I think that will continue in the franchise, and hopefully there’s more to come for me.”

The Force and the Dark Side is available now on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Star Wars Episode VII is scheduled to hit theaters on December 15.

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