Israel launches anti-piracy effort on domain names, domains buy

An Israeli government unit is launching a “digital protection” program aimed at preventing people from buying domains on domain-sharing platforms like BitTorrent.

The department’s Digital Unit said on Tuesday it has launched a system that will offer a reward of $2,500 for domain owners who take down domain names linked to illegal activities.

It is a similar program to one that was launched in 2016, when the unit started offering a reward for the removal of domain names that were used in illegal activities, such as the distribution of child pornography and the distribution and use of weapons of mass destruction.

Under the program, anyone who obtains a domain name through one of these platforms will be offered a reward based on the number of domain owners that take down the domain.

In the past, the unit has also offered a small reward for domain holders who cooperate in blocking websites hosting illegal content, as well as for domain registrars that refuse to cooperate.

Last year, the department issued a directive to its agents, the cyber police, to take down illegal domains on the pretext of combating cybercrime.

In March, the government said that it was cracking down on the illegal sharing of domains through BitTorrent, which it said had become a serious issue in the country.

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