Which are the best sites to buy domains?

The top domain buying sites are the following ones, according to a new report by domain agency ArvixE.

 The top five top selling domains in terms of monthly traffic in India, according the research firm, are:  Viacom News, The Verge, DZ, Virunga and Veeam.

Viacoms News and The Verge are among the top five reputation buyers, while Virender Vedran, who is also a partner at Vixeam, is also the top buyer of the Viacom News domain. The top 5 reputable domains in India are as follows: VZD, BizTalk, Ebay, Gadgets, Snapdeal, Lifetime. Lifetimes News is the only one of the top 5 domain buying domains that is owned by a non-profit organisation.

Gadget is the top selling domain in terms, according ArvaxE. 

 It is followed by Vizio, Sony, Time Warner, Cable and Comcast.

Top 10 domains in the worldTop 10 reputed domains in the world according to ArvxE, as of March 20, 2018.

DZD is the top domain in the world.

It is followed closely by Gizmodo , Business Insider, Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. 

Vida is the second most popular domain name in India.

It was top in 2015, 2016 and 2017, and was second in 2018.

The third most popular domain is Bizz, which is followed by Dangal, Pravin Sethi, and Business Insider.

Ebay is the most popular domain in the US.

Snapdeal is the #3 most popular brand in India with more than 8 million registered users. 

Lifestyles is the number two brand in India and is the third most popular in the United States.

Biz and Time Warner are the most popular and popular brand in India, respectively.

Time Warner is the most widely known brand in the UK, with 25 million customers according to ComScore.

Pravi is a brand that is commonly used in US politics, with the former prime minister David Cameron using the brand to promote his policy to introduce internet tax regulations to the UK.

A comScore report on the brand states that the name is a reference to the former prime minister David Cameron’s brand, David Prentice.

Sethi is the fourth most popular company in India and the third most-visited brand on Facebook.

New YorkTimes.com is the largest brand on Facebook in India and is followed by  Biz News (the third most-visit site), Giza (fourth most visited), Time (fifth most visited), The Guardian (sixth most visit) and Business Weekly (tenth most). 

The company has a market value of $9.6 billion, and $4.6bn of net profit comes from its advertising.

It is one of India’s biggest advertising companies, with revenue of $11.2 billion in 2018, up 18% from the year before. 

In 2018, Seths advertising revenue rose 26% to $7.5 billion.

According to Data Analysts Pew Research Center, the average visit time on SigModi.com was 15 minutes, up 14% in 2018, and an increase of 8% was the largest increase for SIGModi in the past 12 months.

However, a spike in traffic to SigModis on Facebook and Twitter could be a result of recent news that Sigs was forced to cease advertising in India because the government announced a ban on the sale of Sigs branded advertising materials.

With the announcement, sigmodis had to cease advertising on Facebook and Google and was the first major brand to pull advertising from Facebook and Google. Since the move, Google has deleted

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