‘We were just a couple of people who thought that a domain would do the trick’

Buyers and sellers of domain names are hoping a new wave of domain registration will revive the online marketplace.

It’s a big opportunity for companies, but for businesses it can also be a lucrative opportunity, particularly if you want to build a new brand.

A domain can be a great asset, says Kevin Stott, who started a new company, Aeon.

“It’s just a great way to build the brand, and then you can take it with you when you go to another brand,” he says.

Stott is using Aeon’s domain name, a brand he hopes will grow and thrive.

He’s also using the brand to raise money for his business.

“The biggest thing is getting a brand name and putting it up for sale.

You have to do some sort of marketing to get it up there, but the marketing is so important,” he explains.

If you are using a domain name for your website, you will need to put up your logo, but Stott says it doesn’t have to be your own logo.

The Domain Name Agency (DNA) has helped Aeon with that, using a logo from its logo and the words “Brand New Start-up”.

“They have taken the original logo and made it a brand new logo, so we can get this up and running in just a few hours,” he adds.

But he says he is still a little bit cautious.

“It may be the perfect opportunity for us to get something up and going and I’ll be happy if it happens, but I would be careful to keep it at a minimum.”

Stot says it’s possible for a company to get a domain in a matter of days, but he says that’s unlikely for his own business.

He said that the best advice he can give is to find someone who has experience in domain registration, but also someone who understands what a domain can do for a business.

Kevin Stott with his brand new website.

“If you want a brand, it has to be a brand you know and love, and if you know you have a brand in your back pocket, and you’re going to get an opportunity to put it up and take it, then you might as well do it,” he said.

To find out more about Aeon, visit their website here.

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