Why I bought the Barca domain from BuyBg

BuyBag.com is the online marketplace that launched a new premium domain, Barca.com, in September 2016.BuyBog is the domain registrar that launched the domain.BuyBag is the company that handles the registration, sale and management of the domain and is part of a larger global business called BuyBG, a company founded in 2014 by former Microsoft executive

The Trump Administration’s ‘No-Nonsense’ Cyber Policy Could Kill Your Business

The Trump administration’s “no-nonsense” cybersecurity policy could kill your business. The president’s “No-Hassle” Cyber Policy, which was leaked to the press by a source close to the administration, is being touted as a “firewall” to keep out the worst hackers. But cybersecurity experts say the administration’s new cybersecurity policy will do the exact opposite of that. In fact,