How does this deal work?

How does it work?Buy a domain for $1.5 million.If you buy a domain and it’s not selling, that’s good.You buy it for $4.99/month, then for $8/month you can buy a new domain for just $2.99.Buy the domain.The domain is yours for a few months.That’s right.For $4 a month you can get a brand new domain

What to know about the U.S. Cybersecurity Act and what it means for your business

By Chris Mascia,Bloomberg | Dec 11, 2017 12:28:55The Cybersecurity and Information Sharing Act of 2015 (CISA) is widely expected to have significant and long-lasting effects on the business of businesses and individuals worldwide.As with all big-ticket items in life, the act has the potential to do significant damage to the economy and our economy in

Trump’s latest domain buy goes to iceland,buy bibles domain

Buyers in the iceland region have been inundated with domain names from Donald Trump’s new website.Trump has already bought domain names for his hotels, golf courses, and resorts, and in February, Trump’s company bought the domain name for the website for $100,000.In June, Trump bought the name for a Trump-branded hotel in the town of

How to Buy Organic Domain,Buy Ma Domain,Buying Nu Domain

Buy Organic domain,Buys Ma domain,Buy Nu domain.The world’s leading search engine is a little-known name, but it is well-known for its search engine power.Google, the world’s biggest search engine, has been selling domain names and services to small businesses for decades.Its market share has increased dramatically in the last few years, reaching more than 75%